Splunk Campus Licensing

Here you can find information for connecting your Splunk instance to the campus license server hosted by ARIT



Download Splunk Enterprise

Configure License


Splunk Licenses Image


  • Specify Master License Server: https://splunkmaster.arit.ucsb.edu:8089

  • After restarting the Splunk service you will be pointing to the new license server
  • Send the name of your server to:
    • Mike Franklin: mike.franklin@ucsb.edu or (805) 893-5555 
    • Please use a meaningful server name if possible (aka splunk-departmentname)
  • If you would like to allow your indexer to be searched centrally
    • allow splunk.arit.ucsb.edu ( in on port TCP 8089 to your indexer
  • Forwarder Download: