Administrative & Residential Information Technology (ARIT) is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and overall support for information systems and related technologies for all departments of the UCSB Division of Administrative Services.


The Application Development and Collaboration Systems Group provides custom application and web development services to all departments of the Administrative Services Division. The group supports and maintains a vast portfolio of custom development solutions. It also designs, develops and maintains web-based solutions for teams collaboration as well as for process, workflow and learning automation.

  • The Application Development team has expertise in the following areas: technical project management, software architecture design, software development, web applications, support and maintenance, APIs and data integrations, custom-developed and vendor systems integrations. 

  • The Collaboration Systems team has expertise in the following areas: website development, support and maintenance; implementing solutions based on using third-party collaboration platforms; e-signature process automation; low-code/no-code business automation solutions; learning management platforms/tools administration

Cybersecurity & Special Initiatives provides leadership in the development of all security standards, practices, and tools for Administrative & Residential Information Technology (ARIT). This includes responsibility for assuring that all endpoints (workstation & mobile) and servers are secured with uniform best practices. Responsible for assisting the UCSB Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the overall leadership of cybersecurity activities across all campus units. Strategically collaborates with the CISO to assess cybersecurity risks and develop mitigations. Serves as a core participant of the campus incident response team. Extends the consultative assignment beyond ARIT to include engagements across the campus community. 

The Data Services and Business Systems Group provides a variety of services to Administrative Services Division, as well as other UCSB campus partners. 

  • The Data Services team provides expertise in these areas — database administration; business intelligence & analytics; data integration; reporting services; custom database development and ad-hoc data manipulation and processing.

  • The Business Systems team provides expertise in these areas —business application support, enhancement and modernization; custom application development; business application selection and implementation of new vendor systems; and ongoing business systems analysis for workflow process improvements.

The End User Support (EUS) team provides a wide range of support services to the Administrative Services Division of UCSB.  These services include the configuration, maintenance, and security of over 1300 endpoints such as desktops, laptops, point of sales systems, multifunction printers, Digital Information Signage (DigiKnow), smartboards and Audio/Video conference equipment. 

The Network and Security Group provides secure network access using a common architecture, equipment, and processes for all departments of the UCSB Division of Administrative Services. This group is directly responsible for all aspects of an innovative 24/7 Internet Service (ResNet), which provides high performance wireless and Ethernet connectivity to all UCSB residential customers. The ARIT systems security is managed by a combination of policy, architectural, and training processes. The Network and Security group manages and provides training to a team of network staff and student network consultants to provide assistance with end-user problems, network maintenance and security posturing. The Network and Security group manages the operation and delivery of network services and infrastructure at the datacenter, edge, and virtual levels.

The Server, Storage and Infrastructure Group has responsibility for all technology supporting the server environment, virtual desktop infrastructure, and backup strategy. This group assures that the server and network infrastructure, backup of production data, and disaster recovery practices are optimized to maintain essential business applications all departments of the UCSB Division of Administrative Services.