Server Intake Form

Name of the Primary Admin that will oversee this server
The name of the server you would like
A quick description of the purpose of this server
ie: If no DNS has been realized yet, just a name that describes this system
Department primarily responsible for this server
Chair, or Director of your Department. Someone to contact in the case of the Primary Admin not being available anymore
Regardless of vendor specs, it is rare if a system needs more than 2 CPU's. 4 would be an enormous system. If you require more than 4, include in the notes your justification and count you would like
Regarless of vendor specs, it is rare that a system needs more than 8GB Generally 4GB is plenty 16GB would be a behemoth If you think your Application is so awesome it needs more, please include an explanation in the notes with the desired amount
Enter the size of the C: drive above. 40GB is the default for the OS. This should be plenty. Please specify below D,E,F drives as needed. If possible, keeping your applications data to other drives than the C drive is recommended.
If you don't need this server backed up, you can ignore the next two backup questions
Size of current backups in Gigs. We only retain backups for 30 days
Does this need to authenticate to an Active Directory
The scope of access this server will need
eg. Web, SQL, RDP, File, Print, DHCP
external data links, ODBC, Licensing servers, hosts, Domain dependencies, Dongles, Serial communications
Does this server require encrypted data
Can this host be updated without breaking services on it
Any PII? This means SSN, Drivers Licence, Credit Card, or any other Personally Identifiable Information
Estimated date this server will be used until
Any notes or comments
Is this a migration of an existing server/service or a new server? Only answer the following questions if this is a migration
The IP address you would like this server to have (if known)
Can the IP of the server change without effecting services. (Is anything hard coded to the IP of the server)
How would you like to setup this new server. A clone of an existing physical server (P2V) or a fresh install that you will configure and transfer data to